Sunday, September 15

4:00 pm

Registration and Expert Hall opens

6:00 pm


7:30 pm

A Vision for Christian Publishing

A former ECPA board member and publisher reflects on some prophetic biblical values and how they may guide leaders in Christian publishing to serve a conflicted church in a combative world.

Bob Fryling, Leadership and Publishing consultant

Monday, September 16

7:30 am


8:30 am


Jeff Crosby, ECPA President

8:45 am

The Four Biggest Mistakes Change Leaders Make

A wise mentor once said, “At the moment of crisis, you don’t rise to the occasion. You default to your training.” In this keynote, Tod Bolsinger will share how the kinds of training that enabled good leaders to become trusted and respected often becomes the obstacle to overcome when leading organizational change in a disrupted world. Together we will examine the old mindset, the new skill set and the adaptive reset needed for good leaders to take their organizations into uncharted territory.

The session will be followed by an extended time of interaction with Bolsinger and exercises among table groups.

Tod Bolsinger, Author and Principal of AE Sloan Leadership

9:45 am

Group Discussion and Interactive Exercise with Tod Bolsinger

10:30 am


11:00 am

Publishing Beyond the Book: A Conversation with Bill Reeves

Music. Film. Radio. Media. Books. Although we are people of the book, there are a host of opportunities to connect ideas and content beyond the printed page in our efforts to both maximize our impact and expand the pie of Christian publishing broadly understood. In a conversation with ECPA President Jeff Crosby, Bill Reeves, who was appointed CEO of David C. Cook Publishing/Integrity Music in December of 2023, will share from his experiences in “publishing beyond the book” and how to think globally about the work of Christian publishing.

Bill Reeves, CEO of David C. Cook/Integrity Music, with Jeff Crosby

11:45 am


1:00 pm

The Surprising Gift of Healthy Communication in the Workplace: Leveraging the Impact of Nonverbal Communication & Healthy Conflict

We often need to hear something seven times before it really sinks in. In a work setting, how do we apply this principle of beneficial overcommunicating especially when employees feel burned out? Our everyday communication practices shape, maintain, and direct our work culture. What strategies help in the maintenance and further development of organizational health? Join Dr. Arianna Molloy as she shares how we can avoid common communication pitfalls and increase bridge-making dialogue so organizational members at all levels feel inspired and empowered to be a contributor in a healthy organizational climate.

Dr. Arianna Molloy, Author and Communications Professor, Biola University

2:00 pm

The Power of Story for Gen Alpha & Beyond

In the totally-wired, screen-based world of Gen Alpha kids and their millennial parents, how does the power of story still resonate? Understand Gen Alpha and you also understand the critical pain points and priorities their parents are living with.

In the midst of this sea change, the platforms are shifting, and being undercut with A-I shortcuts that will rob future generations of the benefits of the creative struggle. Yet, there is hope in the power of story. Nothing transforms people, communities and culture like the power of story, helping us find purpose in our calling and unity in our place of belonging. Whether you are bringing to life a short-form internet blog or the next 400-page novel, the power of story is universal and timeless, but we must be mindful of how people today discover and share the stories that connect and transform.

Rick Rekedal, Chief Creative Officer & Executive Director, Belmont University / Creative Arts Collective

3:00 pm


3:30 pm

Religion as a Luxury Good

Professor, researcher and author Dr. Ryan Burge has focused much of his research on the myths and realities of the church including the “nones” and the idea of the “de-churching” of the U.S. In this plenary session, Burge will unpack research related to the current state of the American religious landscape and suggest several implications for all of us who work in Christian publishing.

Dr. Ryan Burge, Co-author of The Great De-Churching (Zondervan, 2023)

4:30 pm

Discussion: Interacting on the day’s content and important industry issues

C-Suite Round Tables, facilitated by ECPA Board members

5:30 pm

Sessions adjourn

6:00 pm


8:00 pm

Informal Conversations

Tuesday, September 17

7:30 am


8:30 am

Revival Opportunity Will Come at a Cost

In a post-pandemic world marred by polarization, divisiveness, sexual dysphoria, fragmented families, abandoned communities, pessimism, cynicism, and religiosity, the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom is still the answer to set dislocated things right. Western culture has distorted and redefined what is acceptable behavior, and social disconnection grows despite a world of vast technical connections. For the Body of Christ and the broader community to refocus on the timeless and treasured tenets of the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom, a complete overhaul, rather than mild adjustments, will be required. The next generation (Generation Z) is vital in this overhaul, but creating the space needed for their best contribution will cost all of us something -- and some of us everything.

Marvin Campbell, U.S. President, The Navigators

9:30 am

Amazing Grace: Finding the Lost Who Cannot See

Whether discussing older individuals with age-related macular degeneration or children born blind, far too often society views the population of people who are blind or visually impaired as being a small segment of the population. Yet, there are over 9 million people in the United States who are legally to fully blind, and over 338 million people worldwide who fall into this same category, and 95% of this population is unchurched. Daniel Jenkins, president of Lutheran Braille Workers, will be discussing the opportunities to share the Gospel with this eager population, the lack of affordable resources currently available, the ways in which audio and digital resources have not replaced print needs for this community, and ideas for future collaboration.

Daniel Jenkins, President, Lutheran Braille Workers

10:30 am


11:00 am

How Your Sales & Marketing Teams Can Power Up Your Book Launches: A General Trade Publisher's Perspective

This session, delivered by a seasoned general trade publishing C-level executive, will cast a vision for evaluating your book launches in real time rather than waiting for a six or 12-month review, integrating your marketing and publicity into your sales efforts, and moving up your timetables. It will also explore the ways you can actively engage with your distributors and authors to boost pre-publication sales.

Cynthia Sherry, Chicago Review Press/Triumph Books

12:00 am


1:00 pm


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